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Who else remembers the long summers of childhood that seemed to stretch on forever?

My brothers would set up five day test matches in the back yard but all I wanted to do was read ... Can I read and field? No? Well, I’ll just read inside then.

Named after the Heidi books, of course my life goal has always been to find a job where I can read all day.

I originally pursued a career in publishing industry, however not long after I landed my first publishing job, I’d got interested in all things online and design and my career headed in a slightly different direction.

Still, I had that lingering dream that I wanted a job where I could read books all day but it needed to be something creative and digital as well.

Working in publishing, you don’t get to choose the books you read ... and I think that was a big part of my problem, I like to choose what I read and love recommending books to others ...

I really loved the bookshop gig in my Uni days because I’d talk books all day and recommend my favourites out to everyone, plus I got all the free books I wanted!

Fast track quite a few years, I’m still dreaming of that bookish job ... and so Literary Type was born. I’m loving the Insta bookish community in particular, giving and receiving book recommendations and talking all things books!

Last year I started designing up some bookish type bag designs that I thought my followers would love and found the perfect messenger style bag to print my design on.

I’m super stoked to read and hear your comments on my products! Please email if you have any feedback.

I’m so excited to see what the future brings for Literary Type and would love you to follow me on this journey 👊

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