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Why I'm so in love with my Kindle

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I started reading on Kindle about three years ago. It felt like a big move for me being such a traditional 'book person'. I've really come to love it and it's definitely my current preferred way of reading.

I was surprised to read this week that people that the UK has had a 17% drop in ebook sales.

Anyway, here's the five things I love most about my Kindle:

  1. You can read with the lights off (!!) brings me back to when I was a kid, hiding under the doona and reading by torchlight ...

  2. I can buy a new book without getting out of bed, whatever the time of day or night it is

  3. I can download a whole heap of books before traveling. I don't have to pack half a suitcase full of books anymore. I don't have to spend ages finding English bookshops when traveling (although that is fun!)

  4. The battery life is amazing, it lasts weeks, WAY longer than other digital devices

  5. It's the perfect book size, not as awkward to hold as some larger books (for reading in bed)

There are obviously downsides as well ... I never remember which book I'm reading or the author because I don't look at the book cover every time I read the book.

Sometimes my Kindle seems to get all jammed up and it jumps around when I turn pages so I lose my place ... I think this may be due to the fact that I don't 'shut down' enough.

Sometimes it doesn't show where I'm up to or there is a lot of 'end matter' and the book finishes before I'm ready to finish it. (In a normal book, when I see I'm at the last chapter sometimes I leave it for a few days before I finish - does anyone else do this??)

What are your thoughts? Are you a eBook convert? Have you gone back to hard copy? Let me know in the comments ...

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